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Strong leaders make strong organizations.  Many of us are born with leadership competencies.  We study great leaders.  We work in organizations that are successfully managed by intelligent and competent people.  Our technical skills grow each day with advanced learning, position progression and peer collaboration.  Then we achieve a high level of technical success within our organizational structure and we are often rewarded.  The reward?  A promotion to now managing individuals who like us are challenged to achieve targets, reduce costs and encourage continuous improvement on a daily basis.  


But who wants to be managed?  Not me, not you.  We can manage ourselves, thank you very much.  However, we do want to be led.  We want a leader who can challenge us to be better versions of ourselves, to find solutions, to dream bigger and to intentionally support our journey.  


Are you a manager or a leader?  Do you manage others or manage yourself and your process?  Do you follow Lean methodology to remove waste and be as productive and efficient as possible?  Intentional leaders can do both and be successful.


Shop Floor Leadership Workshops are designed to bring out the leaders in all of us.  Understand why we revert to managing when challenged, identify what makes a good mentor and how to prioritize our self-leadership first to support a successful mindset of being able to lead others.



  • Future of Work

  • Intentional Leadership

  • Diverse and Inclusive Leadership

  • Challenging traditional definitions of Success; Understanding and making choices

  • Mentorship that works for all

  • Team Collaboration – how to achieve this in a virtual world



Contact SFL to discuss other opportunities that can fill the leader gap in your organization.

“The more intentional you are about your leadership growth, the greater your potential for becoming the leader you’re capable of being. Never stop learning.”

- John C. Maxwell

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