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Back in 1997, I was a single parent, living in a small mill town, commuting to Winnipeg where I marketed products worldwide for an engineering firm.  Then I saw a job posting - full time, challenging, with the potential to move up and work in my hometown. That’s how I ended up in manufacturing, not a strategic choice but a result of a great opportunity.


25 years ago many areas of manufacturing were hesitant, even resistant to hiring women on the shop floor. At the all-male meeting where my success as a candidate was announced, it was reported that “sadly, after much searching, the best man for the job was a woman!” 


Working in steel was an amazing experience.  My intuitive leadership skills served me well. The team was able to achieve historic financial results, create an environment of dedicated professionals to push the envelope, and strengthen crucial collaborations between commercial and production departments. Challenging the norm, breaking barriers, and finding success was not optional.  In reflection it would have been a boon to have mentorship and a training network. To have a leader who looked like me; a community that not just said they understood but actually understood my definition of success.

Leadership is an adventure of learning, connection, and creativity; it should not be exhausting, lonely, and confusing.  I’ve combined nearly 25 years in the Manufacturing and Industrial sector with training in leadership, facilitation, and coaching to bring you the tools and know-how you need -- not just to survive, but to thrive as a leader in manufacturing.



Your connection to leadership is waiting.  

What are you waiting for? 



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