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Pam Grahame is leaning on a shelf, wearing a black leather jacket, smiling at the camera.

How we started

Pam Grahame entered manufacturing twenty-five years ago, when many areas of the industry were hesitant, even resistant, to change. When her success as a candidate was announced, it was reported that “sadly, after much searching, the best man for the job was a woman!”


Working in steel proved an amazing experience, and Pam’s intuitive leadership skills served her well. The team achieved historic financial results, created an environment of dedicated professionals pushing the envelope, and strengthened crucial collaborations between commercial and production departments. 


Pam became a lifelong learner who excelled at navigating change. As she watched organizations rise and fall based on their ability to adapt, her vision was simple. To empower businesses to navigate these changes with resilience.

Where we are now

With support from an incredible team of collaborators and family, Pam founded Shop Floor Leadership in 2020. We continue to evolve with the industry demands, organizational challenges and the belief that solving problems is not just possible but incredibly rewarding. Shop Floor Leadership paves the way for a brighter, more harmonious tomorrow through our facilitation, coaching, and leadership expertise.

Pam Grahame

Facilitator | Coach | Leadership Champion

Meet Pam, the heart and soul of our team. Her unwavering passion for family connections is a cornerstone of who she is. She has over two decades of experience as a leader in manufacturing. Pam is a professional problem solver who has never met an obstacle that didn’t interest her.

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