Everyone has wisdom, a thoughtful opinion and a decision is needed - today!  How can this path be created with clarity, respect and optimism?  Using an effective Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), ToP technics and Lean Methodology.  The goal is to find a solution where everyone is heard, and the end result is a deliverable that can be championed by all.




Want to explore a topic – see it from all sides?  Clarify a concept prior to entering into a workshop? Brainstorm a topic when participants come with different perspectives?  Move beyond pre-conceived assumptions and find creativity in your team and community?




The proven multistage process of Transformational Strategy is Zero based – from the bottom up.  This allows exploration of the full scope, then moving into understanding the blocks that trip us up.  A strategy emerges with clear deliverables and SMART actions complete the direction.  Combining Lean Methodology and Transformational Strategy ensures a collaborative approach required in Manufacturing.


                                                                                                      P   Plan the vision

                                                                                                      D   Discover the team blocks

                                                                                                      C   Clarify the strategic direction

                                                                                                      A   Action the direction transformation



The transformation happens in a collaborative format that allows all team members to be heard.  Being Zero based enables existing projects, demands and assumptions to be considered, processed and supported.


Virtual Events are part of the Work Environment.  How do you move an in person event to a virtual space, what platform is best to achieve your objectives, budget and desired customer experience?  I can help.  As an experienced event facilitator - SFL will support your team at several levels; investigation, platform integration and/or implementation and go-live support.


  What makes a good facilitator?

  1. Understands the core methods

  2. Able to deliver – understands the objectives of the client and prepares for success

  3. Encourages full participation and understands group dynamics

  4. Honours the groups wisdom thru affirmation and curiosity

  5. Supports active and contradictory conversation in a controlled way; remains neutral