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Pam Grahame stands besie a podium striking a pose in a black and white polka dot top.



A lime green rectangle frames the Blueprint logo.

Stakeholder Planning & Engagement,

Group Facilitation

Part of a team of facilitators who share a passion for improving the places we live and care about.

The Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology logo features a green bridge and gray font.

We specialize in process optimization and organizational excellence.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters logo is black and red.

We are collaboratively empowering women in the manufacturing community of Manitoba.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Inclusive Excellence


The EI Advantage logo is blue and green.

We work with clients to evaluate their emotional intelligence and build strategies to make it stronger.  

Parsons Dialogue logo featuring an orange rectangular block and geometrical yellow, blue and orange shapes.

Part of a team of facilitators who help drive strategy, collaboration and communication across organizations.

Parsons Dialogue

Facilitation, PATH Graphical Facilitation

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