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Coaching for Success

One-on-one coaching                                           EQi Assessment                            
DiSC Assessment                            PATH Graphic Goal Setting

Be kind to yourself, challenge your future

Shop Floor Leadership provides customized coaching that ignites personal and professional growth, helping individuals and teams thrive. Instead of working hard to fix what you can’t change, we lean into what you do well.

You may wonder

  • Why do you act and react in a certain way? 

  • How do you have those difficult conversations? 

  • What makes a great leader and how can I develop those skills? 

  • How can I feel more confident and in control at work and home? 

How we can help

Leveraging strength-based coaching practices, we guide you through a process of facilitated questions to uncover solutions. We can help you develop a game plan for an upcoming event, work through past workplace issues, and dive deeper into understanding yourself and your reactions.


Our coaches work with talented individuals, many of whom are in the middle of their careers and feeling stuck. We often ask ourselves – how can I be a better me? Working with a coach will give you a new perspective and the self-evaluation to meet your goals.

 "Core values, strengths, weaknesses; why did I choose the career I’m in, what motivates me, how do I handle conflicts both personally and professionally… These are just some of the wonderful topics Pam was able to help me dial into and understand more about who I am. By knowing these my core values, it reassured me I am on the right path in my career and family life."


Nancy, Business Owner

A PATH Graphical goal setting chart coloured with pencil crayons to reflect someone's goals.
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